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Rolfing and Me


"I was eight months into back issues that made my life unlivable. I was told by many well-meaning and well know back surgeons to have an operation. I also was aware of the ramifications and the risk of more surgery years later. I read about the med-x back machine and eventually Ida Rolf. Jason B and his manner, as well as his skill, has helped me to return to some level of myself athletically. I am continuing to improve and look forward to more spaced out treatments to help further"
- Dr. Marc Brenner (Genbook review)


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Greatly Reduced Discomfort

"BEFORE: Pain with touch. Heaviness, with almost paralyzed feeling. IMMEDIATELY TO A FEW HOURS AFTER: Approximately 80% relief with some soreness and mild pain with touch. NEXT MORNING: Almost forgot about symptoms. Minimal pain with some tightness of which my sleep posture may be a contributing factor. Jason is the bomb!"
- N.M. (Genbook review)


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In the Right Place

"I have been Jason's client for 3 years. Jason saved my severely injured, scar-riddled, arthritic ankle. I can now walk normally with no pain. Some advice, be patient. It took Jason several months of weekly visits plus follow-ups. And, listen carefully to Jason's advice. He suggested barefoot walking, but it took me quite a while to get started. Rewards included much stronger ankles, no more atrophied leg muscles, and a new more prominent arch in the injured foot. I now only walk barefoot at home. Pure Joy."
- Alice M. (Genbook review)


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Forget Physical Therapy! Rolfing is the Key

"Jason accomplished in 3 days what they couldn't do in almost 3 months of PT (less pain and restrictions). Contrary to rumors out there, rolfing is not an aggressive type of treatment but a subtle form of therapy that waits on a response from your own body. Jason communicates to ensure my comfort. Sometimes I feel like he could literally hear my body. Lol. He is well trained and his work reflects the care he has for his clients. Rolfing is the best move I've made in my recovery process."
- N.M. (Genbook review)


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Jason is an Expert

"Jason is an experienced Rolfing practitioner. I have been using him for a year now with great results. If you have minor, nagging injuries that seem to linger, give Rolfing a try."
- Mike T. (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star
Post-MCL Tear Therapy

"I recently suffered a Stage 2 MCL tear. Jason has been helping me work on the recovery. He has been great!"
- Mike T. (Genbook review)


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My Physical Therapy vs Rolfing

"Professional Rolfing in a professional atmosphere. In comparison to general PT sessions I have had, you will not be disappointed by Jason nor with your Rolfing experience in his office."
- Joseph M. (Genbook review)


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Incredible 1st Session @ Rolfing NY

"I had my first session with Jason of Rolfing NY and it was an incredible experience. I left the treatment feeling open and relaxed in a way that I had never felt from a bodywork session. I highly recommend to anyone and I'm looking forward to the next session!"
- Chris Molinet (Genbook review)


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Rolfing NY Pure Excellence

"I found Jason to be patient and attentive to all of my physical needs. He was an informative, educational, and skilled therapeutic practitioner who spent time working through my physical barriers. He followed up that day with educational videos on proper breathing techniques. Plan to reschedule soon to reach my structural goals."
- Kathy S. (Genbook review)

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Great Work

"Jason is well skilled, knowledgeable, and most of all, effective in treating soft tissue pain. I go to Jason for upper back and neck discomfort, and he aligns me greater than any chiropractor that I have visited."
- Vince (Genbook review)

Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star
Great Restorative/Rehab Work

"I am an athletically active 45-year-old; running, grappling, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, and soccer. I have little nagging pains and injuries from time to time in the hips, lower back, neck and shoulders.. Have had Rolfing before in Manhattan and Jason is really exceptionally good at what he does. Highly recommended. Also, he is a nice guy who is easy to talk to."
- Mike T. (Genbook review)


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In the Right Place, Sept.1st, 2018

"Jason is a veritable jack of all trades. After successfully rehabilitating my severely disabled ankle, I continue to see him for a myriad of other issues, such as sore knees, back pain, stiff neck, clogged ear, and now sore feet. You will be amazed at how effective and gentle his techniques are. Take my advice, come to Jason first. I spent over a decade looking in all the wrong places for my ankle. When Jason took over, I got my life back. You will be in the Right Place. Alice M. client for over 2 years."
- Alice M. (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"Over the past 6 months that I've been working with Jason, I have experienced many positive changes in my body. When I began I wasn't able to run due to an injury and within 3 weeks I was able to run again. This has continued without any further issues. Jason is sensitive, expert and knowledgeable when it comes to the body. I had wanted to experience Rolfing for years but not until I met Jason did I feel comfortable trying it."
- Lisa Langer (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"I went on Saturday, August 11, 2018, for my first session and I already feel a tremendous difference. Jason is a professional who "gets it". I'm having problems with my sciatica - Jason pinpointed the area and I slept through the first night in about 3 weeks. I feel more relaxed, more "aligned with my body".
- Mary Fleming (Genbook review) 


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"Jason knows what he's doing. Although I only completed the intro session, I could tell this is going to be a very positive experience. I highly recommend. And I will follow up on this review post completion of my treatments."
- M.L. (Genbook review)

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Gentle, Deep, Very Relaxing and Pain Relieving

"I wasn't sure what to expect but I have had 100's of massages and deep tissue but this was different, more thoughtful, more in-depth, more questions upfront so I felt really "heard" comfortable and relaxed. The work is very slow, deep and deliberate and I felt 80% pain-free after being in a pretty tough spot, very grateful and I will definitely be back to set up my next round of sessions."
- Matt O. (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"I work in a stressful environment, daily commute, bad sleeping position and recently traveled 20+ hour trip to Asia. My upper back and entire body had pain, soreness and tension - Jason came to my rescue to help relieve my achiness. My gratitude and appreciation to book me last minute - thank you!"
- Jasmine Springer (Genbook review)


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Wish I Went to Jason Sooner!

"I went to see Jason because I had limitations and pain in my knee after an injury 2 years ago. Someone suggested Rolfing and I wish I had known about it sooner! Not only did Jason improve the range of motion for my knee, but also my other body aches and pains. I have a greater sense of fluidity in all I do. Jason is able to identify what your body needs, and manipulate the muscles and fascia in the most gentle, precise way. He is a great healer."
- Lori H. (Genbook review)


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Client Satisfaction

"After just the introductory session, I experienced marked improvement in my ability to walk w/o pain and also in my ability to get up and walk without restriction after a long period of sitting at my desk. I have tried massage therapy to no avail. Jason truly understands muscle tissue's relationship to joint function. I'm sorry I didn't find him sooner. "
- Diane Fagiola (Genbook review)


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Great Experience, Beautiful Space

"The room is upstairs in a street-front building in the heart of Cold Spring Harbor, a totally cute town. There is plenty of parking in a public lot across the street. The space is serene, with attention to the small details. Jason is an expert in his craft and I felt great after the session. I got really tired later in the day and took a nap and felt the changes sinking into my body. I would recommend for everyone."
- V.P. (Genbook review)

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The Best One in New York

"I have gone to Jason off and on for 5 years. Rolfing on the East coast isn't used as much as the West coast. It's a healing modality that extends far beyond the realms of "deep tissue". It's not a massage, it's a therapeutic body release... he's the best of the best... Gold Coast Cold Spring Harbor!!! Addiction that your future self will thank u for!!!"
- Maryanna Nardone (Genbook review)


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The Best

"I've been using Rolfers for 40 years or more. All have all been skillfully trained, but not all have had the intuitive sense that Jason does. I trust him implicitly, and the results I've gotten from him have been fantastic. I highly recommend him."
- Brett Amorde (Genbook review)


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One of Best Pro-Health Experiences

"I just really wish I did this a long time ago. Very interesting procedure. You really feel how it's helping you on a deeper level than other types of bodywork. Felt like a different person after intro session. Not expected. Made me aware of how my "normal" sense of body was not a comfortable or balanced one."
- Kate O. (Genbook review)


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Professional, Personal and Committed!

"Attentive and professional, Jason is focused on his craft and dedicated to your well being. After a brief conversation in a serene and comfortable environment, he went to work. I had instant relief and found that continued service is extremely beneficial."
- Joseph Zingale (Genbook review)


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Skillful, Professional, Attentive, Passionate, All Around Excellent Bodyworker

"I've seen a lot of bodyworkers and Jason is by far one of the best. Being athletic my whole life I've accumulated a lot of injuries and traditional PT hasn't really helped. This guy really knows his stuff and is almost like a detective! I get instant improvement in movement after each visit. Highly recommended."
- Ian V. (Genbook review)


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Scoliosis - Significant Relief

"Unfortunately I did not meet Jason in my earlier years when my spinal curve from scoliosis was less significant. Through time my curve progressed, and at the age of 48 I had multiple spinal fusions resulting in rods from T5 to S3. Four yrs later or 4 months ago I met Jason, for the 1st time my quality of life has returned. Jason is the complete package. At each appointment he listens to my concerns and then applies his extensive knowledge to create a formula for amazing results each visit."
- A.C. (Genbook review)


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In The Right Place, Aug. 1st, 2017

"I posted a review for Jason last Sept but it needs to be updated. My ankle was greatly improved, but I never dreamed that in time, it would be completely pain-free, something that has not occurred in the last 13 years. I am a challenging patient - unnecessary surgery, scar tissue, arthritis, and torn ligaments. Truly remarkable that Jason did what so many before him (15 to be exact) could not. Are you in the right place?"
- Alice M. (Genbook review)

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Rolfing Session

"I first tried Rolfing to relieve muscular discomfort I was experiencing due to an automobile accident. Rolfing quickly increased my mobility and restored my body so I could continue my daily routine pain-free. Jason is understanding, caring and knowledgeable of his craft. The Cold Spring Harbor location is also quaint, peaceful and parking is easy to find."
- L.B. (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"I first went to address some issues with my jaw. I was hopeful, but not sure how much this would help. After being worked on, I decided to do the ten session series. Jason continued work on my jaw and overall posture. He was helpful and patient. I was soon able to comfortably chew. I feel great and will continue to go for tune-ups after the ten sessions end! This has been and continues to be a wonderful experience. Jason has been informative and is easy to communicate with. Definitely worth it!!"
- L.L. (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"I would like to begin by expressing my deep and sincere gratitude to Jason for his wonderful energy and insight. He has been very attentive to my areas of need. He asks concrete and thoughtful questions that inform his practice during the session. His intuitive approach has been spot on and I felt healing results immediately. He has provided very useful feedback and suggestions that have helped me stay in tune with my body and the work he has done this far. I am so grateful."
- Tracy Stephens (Genbook review)

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Amazing Results!

"After a car accident where my new car was totaled along with aging in general, I was continually dealing with pain. I saw a number of doctors who either felt nothing more could be done or recommended Physical Therapy which did not help at all. After just one session with Jason, I felt so much better than I had in years. Not only do I feel physically, but mentally as well. Finally getting relief has been so positive for me. I highly recommend Jason. He is truly amazing."
- Johanna R. (Genbook review)

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A True Healer

"Jason brings it all together: his knowledge of the body, his deep sense of awareness & ability to connect to what's going on, & then delivers an amazing treatment. He is truly a healer. After a recent car accident my core was slumped & crunched to the right - but after a couple of treatments I was sitting upright again! I even had to adjust my rear view mirror! I've seen such positive results with Jason's treatments & I'm grateful to him for helping me & my muscles get back to a healthier state."
- V.A. (Genbook review)

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Thank You Universe

"I was walking on Main Street and saw a sign for ROLFING. Excitedly, I snapped a picture, went home and made an appointment. This was my very first Rolfing session ever and I had no expectations, only hope that I would find relief for my neck and shoulder pain I had been suffering with for years. I am beyond amazed with the results from just one session. Jason was great, extremely professional & I look forward to my next session! I am grateful!"
- Stephanie B. (Genbook review)

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Highly Recommend

"Jason was very professional. Was worried it would be very painful but that was not the case. After my treatment I felt "lighter" more flexible. Can't wait for my next session. Highly recommend." 
- Marlene McCann (Genbook review)

In the Right Place Sept. 17, 2016

"After 7 months of disability, I still could not walk without a crutch. A right ankle riddled with scar tissue stood in my way. It had happened before at age 62, but now at 70 was even worse. I tried all kinds of alternative treatments, including 2 stem cell transplants. I came to Jason desperate to regain my mobility. After several months of rolfing, I have made excellent progress. Jason is extremely caring and a great listener. You will be treated like royalty. Don't miss this gifted healer!"
- Alice M. (Genbook review)

From Confusion to Clarity

"When I met Jason my body was curled forward. I was using two canes due to an auto accident and felt like gravity would pull me down to the ground. I had been rolfed 30 years ago and now I just finished 10 sessions with Jason. I no longer feel the same pull forward and walked without the canes, refinding my ability to walk will be the next task. At moments I feel loved and almost sleepy other moments I feel pain for short periods with the touch. It is like I'm being molded back to the way I was?"
- S.K. (Genbook review)

Just Do It!

"Rolfing is a game changer. Just had my sixth rolfing session with Jason. It's been an amazing, rewarding experience. My body feels better, more relaxed. Mindfulness has improved, so has my balance, energy, intuition, confidence, performance and there's more ease in movement. It's empowering. It can be challenging at times- the key is not resisting. It's the kind of work that pays off in great dividends. Jason is kind, professional, intuitive, exceptional. I totally recommend rolfing with Jason."
- Mary F. (Genbook review)

So Very Happy

"Jason is incredibly professional and welcoming and has a calming demeanor. I have been told that Rolfing hurts and I was expecting a clinical, harsh experience that was actually anything but. I was incredibly comfortable in his airy studio and entered deep states of relaxation during the treatment. The work itself is intense but I could feel my body release adhesions and tension and certain joint limitations I've had for years are still freer in movement days later. Thanks, Jason!"
- J.C. (Genbook review)


"Jason is awesome. Insane amount of knowledge and experience of how the body works. I have had posture issues and pain for years. I'm now heading into my 7th of 10 sessions of Rolfing and every session I feel better and better. Besides body work, he teaches you to be more aware of the mechanics and proper movement going forward. You come off the table feeling more planted to the ground and feel more open, and feel your body moving more "naturally". He has a very calming way of speaking with his patients and because of the progress I look forward to every treatment. I've been seeing a slew of massage therapists and chiropractors for years because of pain but if you want to get to the root of the issue as in my case stop messing around and go straight to Jason."
- Robert S. (Yelp review)

So Much More than a Massage

"I found Jason a few years ago and count myself lucky. Rolfing is so much more restorative than a massage it is hard to call them the same thing. Over the years I have tried 3 rolfers and Jason is head and shoulders the best at what he does. As an avid off road motorcyclist as well as an aggressive skier, I often need some help. I use the rolfing massage as a supplement to my physical therapy whenever I am injured or just feeling banged up. You can't go wrong."
- Vincent V (Genbook review)


Healing Hands

"Jason is very intuitive. It never ceases to amaze me that his bodywork always gives me a great feeling of relief from chronic pain. People always ask me if Rolfing hurts. I find that so amusing because I often go into a deep restful state during my sessions with him. I would highly recommend this type of bodywork to anyone with chronic issues...and Jason in particular has the healing hands to do the job!"

- Camille D (Genbook review)


The Best Rolfer I Have Used

"I have had the pleasure of using four Rolfers over the last 25 years and I can say they were all very capable, but Jason is the best. Every session he asks the right questions to know how I am doing, and then with great focus, care and intuition goes right to the heart of my issues. Every time I can feel him working in exactly the area and connecting areas that need attention. I always leave feeling I got my moneys worth & am standing in a finely tuned and balanced body. I highly recommend Jason."

- Bret Amorde, LMSW (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

After a year long research of Rolfers in NYC, I finally decided on Jason and made the best choice.  I came to him in early August 2015 with sciatic nerve pain, shoulder and neck spasms, which ultimately made my running, yoga, Pilates, and even meditation impossible tasks.  After only three (intense) sessions, I felt rejuvenated and stronger.  I'm running 4.2 miles every other day, I feel I'm walking stronger and straighter than ever before, but best of all, my sciatic and shoulder pain have all but dissipated. I will continue to see Jason for the rest of my sessions.  He is a healer."
- Lourdes F (Yelp review)



"I have chronic pain in parts of my body. After 3-4 sessions, so far, with Jason I can feel an opening up and release in these areas. He is extremely attentive and intuitive. This type of bodywork seems to be what works for me. I am so happy I found someone who really knows how to get the body to release!"
- C.D. (Genbook review)

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Incredible Relief

"I came to Jason in terrible pain, one year and change after a difficult pregnancy and nursing my baby. This meant over a year of bad posture and daily pain. He listened very carefully and asked me questions about how the pain is triggered. When he provided the treatment, he reminded me to breathe and regularly checked in with me. When I was done, I felt so light and able to breathe in a way that I never knew how to. It was a fascinating experience. I intend to go back."
- R.M. (Genbook review)

Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

First Day on My New Journey

"Yesterday was my first day receiving a Rolfing treatment with Jason Beickert. Since August of last year I've been receiving full body and deep tissue massages. To be honest, I never felt satisfied. I began to think that relaxation massages just weren't enough for me considering some Lumbar injuries, & postural imbalances due to school, work and accidents. I loved my first tx. Our intent; his touch, pace, consideration and guidance brought me much closer to homeostasis. If considering, go for it!"
- Adrianna D. (Genbook review)


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Rolfing with Jason

"I am working through a dance related injury. I have had a series of sessions with Jason. I am very impressed with the way that he adjusts his approach to each session. My body feels more relaxed and aligned since I have been working with him. A great testament to his work is that the first thing my physical therapist said when she saw me after my sessions with Jason was "wow, your knee is finally facing forward."
- Jan J. (Genbook review)

Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star


"I have continued my Rolfing sequence with Jason. After every session I have felt some improvement. I have noticed an improvement in my breathing. My chronic shoulder issue has been at bay for a few months now. Also, when old injuries reoccur, it is easier for me to correct them. I highly recommend Rolfing with Jason."
- Christina B. (Genbook review)

Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star

"I tried Rolfing for the first time yesterday. I experience perpetual back pain and I am amazed at how much relief I feel today. Jason was very professional and I look forward to incorporating this into my life. I highly recommend Jason."
- Sharon B. (Genbook review)


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Too Good To Be True

"I have had multiple accidents over a 6-8 yr period that caused a broken ankle, 2 broken ribs on 3 occasions, torn ligaments and more sprains then I care to think about. I found my body just constantly out of whack. With Jasons help we are slowly getting the scar tissue to release and my body is finally starting to move fluidly again. It is the first thing I have found that is helping me. I can not say enough good things about this process."
- Vincent V. (Genbook review)


Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star
Rolfing For a First Timer

"I enjoyed my first Rolfing experience with Jason. I have had 2 sessions so far. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, but Jason was helpful answering my questions. The Rolfing made me focus on different parts of my body I don't normally. The focused breathing also made me aware of my normal breath."
- Ellie G. (Genbook review)
Active star Active star Active star Active star Active star
First Rolfing Session

"Having chronic issues in my neck and shoulders, Jason was able to provide relief in one session (so far). I have noticed improvements in my breathing as well as better quality of movement. Highly recommended."

- C.B. (Genbook review)
"Love the technique. Jason is a great guy and he always saves my back when they lock on me. Wish I had time to take the 10 sessions."

- Gabriel P. (Yelp review)
"Jason is awesome!  Although I was only able to attend four sessions with Jason, he was able to provide me great insight into my body mechanics and helped address my areas of weakness.  His great physiological knowledge and strong, capable hands provided lasting relief for my knees and feet.  He was very personable and provided compassion and professionalism.  

I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rolfing practitioner, especially considering that his price beats out all the other rolfers in the city."

- Gregory D. (Yelp review)

"I went to see Jason for my first Rolfing session three weeks ago because I was experiencing some hip pain and needed relief. I had never tried rolfing before and my chiropractor recommended it.  I've had three sessions so far and feel a lot of progress.

Jason is very attentive and knowledgeable and he spent so much time with me during the session.  I felt like he really touched upon the root of the problem and helped put my body back into alignment.  

After the sessions I feel more aware of my posture and the areas that need attention.  He does great work and I look forward to my next session.  I am also a practitioner and will definitely recommend Jason to my patients!"

- Natasha K., LAc (Yelp review)

"When I first heard about Rolfing I will admit I was very skeptical, but my first session made me a believer. For the last few years I have had an unexplained tightness in my chest preventing me from taking deep breaths. As a person like me who frequents the gym for cardio (5-7x/week) as well as taking kickboxing lessons and practicing yoga, this posed a problem for me.

After my 1st session with Jason Beickert, I stood up off the table and for the first time in years I was able to breathe deeply with no struggle. This change helped immensely with my workout routine. In my next session, Jason also helped to correct my life-long issue with flat feet by giving me a higher arch.

I was happily surprised to be able to throw away my orthotic shoe inserts and walk and workout comfortably without them. I have noticed so many differences in my body and general well being from Rolfing. I'm so happy that I found Jason. He's very professional, reassuring, and understanding to what your individual problems may be."

- Jennifer B, 27, Veterinarian Assistant

"Having recently completed the 10 session Rolfing series with Jason, I can honestly say that my body and mind have made several profound changes. I’m stronger, straighter, healthier, and happier. My posture has greatly improved. My breathing is deeper and centering. My sense of self and the way I move, whether walking, sitting in a chair, driving, lifting, are all actions that I think about differently and execute with ease.

While exercise, stretching, and massage helped to keep me active and fit, I was ready for deeper work that would turn the key on some real change in my life. Having previously received weekly myofascial treatments with Jason I knew he had the intellect, skills, confidence, and intuition to take me to the next level on my path to wellness.
Jason’s focus, knowledge, and execution of techniques changed negative patterns in my body that held tension, kept me from breathing fully, and kept my muscles and blood from becoming fully oxygenated. Further restrictions inhibited my core structure from doing its job properly. Jason had a lot of structural work to do and to his credit he made great and lasting improvements. Each week positive changes took place and I was learning a lot. The truth is I feel 20 years younger. My joints are no longer stiff in the morning. Range of motion has greatly improved. When I feel myself slouching I self-correct. My breathing is full and overall I’m a very happy person with a whole new sense of self-awareness. Did I mention I measured 1/2” taller post Rolfing?

Every individuals experience with Rolfing will be different then mine because we are all different and come into the treatment with our own stuff. Jason will work with you to help you make the wellness changes you so desire.
Thank you Jason for the gift of Rolfing. You are amazing!"

~Wendy M., LMT

"I am a 46 year old female and work as a massage therapist. I also workout 6 times per week and my body takes a beating. I have a history of upper back and neck pain on and off for the past 10yrs, a history of daily glute pain, which is also felt in my lower leg with tingling down to my toes for the past 4 years and a history of hand and thumb pain for the last couple of years. I have seen medical doctors who have prescribed pain medications and muscle relaxants with no relief. I have seen several chiropractors with no relief, gone for acupuncture which did relieve the acute glute pain, but didn't take it away completely. I was beginning to really worry about my body and wonder if I would ever be without pain.

I have finished my 10 Rolfing sessions with Jason and I am at this moment pain free and have been for the past 3 weeks, each week feeling better. I have also gained a half inch in height according to my gynecologist medical records.
Jason is very professional, knowledgeable and makes you feel very comfortable during the whole treatment.

I fell in love with Rolfing from my first session. I went once a week with each time feeling better and better. I sleep so much happier, turning in bed is so much smoother, and I feel awesome! My posture feels perfect when I walk, stand or sit. I am able to do my workouts with less limitations and I am pain free during and after my work. I highly recommend this type of bodywork for anyone who has lingering aches and pains. Plus I hear it’s healing in many other ways."

-Maria I. Rey, RN, LMT